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Vaser liposuction


Society's obsession with weight and body consistency is dominated, and there is no one who accepts less than the ideal body, and we see artists and society stars bragging about their muscular bodies and their carefully drawn and defined muscles, and we are amazed by their ability to adhere to the exhausting schedules of aerobic exercise that can give them such bodies that looks powerful and youth.

Do all of them really have a will that we do not have that enables them to commit to exercising regularly, and why do they not suffer like us from getting old? Or is there a secret in the matter?

Can traditional liposuction techniques get us to such bodies? Or does it need special treatment? What is (Vaser)? Can it be a solution to the problems of obesity? How can it be used? How much does a liposuction cost with Vaser? Are body sculpting operations the only use of Vaser technology?

What is liposuction with Vaser?

It is a process by which the fat surrounding the muscles is dissolved very accurately. Four-dimensional laser (4D) is distinguished from other old techniques as a very accurate tool that enables the doctor to sculpt the shape of the muscles in both motion and stillness, and the Vaser liposuction technology is characterized by that enables the doctor to carve very precise places that other technologies cannot reach, such as sculpting the muscle shape In the chin for example, get rid of the fat of the arms, and thighs from the inside.

The truth is that this technique uses high-strength and accurate ultrasound and not laser waves, but it is known as Vaser due to its extreme accuracy that surpasses other technologies and due to its high selectivity.

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