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Who does not want a perfectly balanced body? Who among us does not wish for an attractive body drawn as models of bodies? Who among us has not tried to retain the beauty and youthfulness of youth for as long as possible? Certainly among us is trying to achieve the dream of maintaining this body through dieting alone and did not achieve its goal. Some of us adhered to healthy habits and exercise, but the nature of aging was shocked by the sagging thighs.

What is the process of tightening the sagging thighs?

It is a process in which the skin of the thighs is tightened and the excess parts are removed, with some fat accumulations in the thighs removed, especially from the inner thighs. The main goal of this process is not slimming the thighs as such, as the cases that a person wants to get rid of the thighs fat, he can resort to the process of liposuction, and in this case the skin must have the flexibility to restore the shape of the body after getting rid of the process. In cases where the skin has lost its elasticity and appears flabby, the ideal method of treatment is surgery to tighten the sagging thigh.

This procedure may be done on its own or with some other surgery such as tummy tuck or butt lift and lower body part. The main causes that lead to sagging thighs are:

  • Fat accumulation in the buttocks and thighs due to genetic reasons.
  • Losing a large percentage of weight during a short period due to dieting or after liposuction.
  • Loss of skin elasticity due to failure to follow healthy habits.
  • Loss of skin elasticity due to age.
  • Hormonal changes caused by repeated pregnancy and childbirth.

What are the types of thigh lift operations?

  1. Lift the thighs from the inside (in case of excess skin and flabby concentrations in the first third of the thigh).
  2. Lift the thighs longitudinally (if the thigh is flabby, circular to the knee).
  3. Lift the thighs with the back.
  4. Enlarged abdominoplasty (which includes the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs).

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