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Prominent ears


It is normal for us to give attention to our appearance and obtain a non-soft part of our self-confidence according to the form that we appear before ourselves before it is before others, because we are the greatest rulers and judges on ourselves, and therefore we find many who did not bring charming beauty completely satisfied with themselves because they look For themselves a view of perfection and appreciation, but that does not prevent that when we find in our form an apparent problem that worries us so much, worries us a lot and affects aspects in our lives, we may be surprised that it was affected by something that has nothing to do with it.

We begin to pay attention and notice when the ear appears as abnormal as the protruding ear, for example, the natural place of the ear is on both sides of the head and are close to it in a way that makes them outside the scope of our daily observation. But when the ears move away from the head and are dislocated in the shape of the normal head engraved in our inner minds, then the observation begins, and the person begin to try to cover it up and hide it all the time by dropping the hair over it.

But what if they want to cut their hair, lift it, or change its shape and do not feel confident because of their ears? Maybe they need solutions that help them treat a protruding ear.


What is the protruding ear?

It's the growth of the ear abnormally or bigger than usual, or a type of deformity in the growth of cartilage of the ear leads to make it look bigger more than usual and make it away from the head in a way that can not be noticed.

The protruding ear is sometimes hereditary and the person is born with it, but statistics and studies show that 30% of the children who suffer from it are born with natural ears, but they stand out and grow during development, sometimes the ears emerge together and sometimes one is more prominent than the other. Doctors have certain measurements and standards for the ear and angles for its distance from the head that differ according to gender and age, If it exceeds it's limit, the doctors will unanimously decide it's a prominent ear, which may warrant treatment at the request of it's owner.

You may be surprised when you know that the prominent ear surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the Arab world, which leads you to ask about its health harms, and if it affects the sense of hearing or not. In fact, it does not have any harmful effects, and anyone who undergoes the protruding ear treatment is motivated to avoid the psychological impact it causes.


Prominent ear treatment without surgery

The way in which the protruding ear will be treated is determined by the condition of the ear and the age at which the operation is basically performed. When the condition is discovered in childhood, that is, before the age of 6 months, treatment of protruding ear without surgery is easy and common, as the cartilage in the child is very soft and easy. Formation and leadership can then adjust its course so that it does not grow in the wrong direction. Treatment can be carried out by wearing the ear splint or rubber ear mask that guides the ear to grow in the right direction, or it can sometimes be done by tying the head and ears so the ears grow close to the head and do not move away from it. But if the child is more than 6 months old, the cartilage of the ear becomes more solid and difficult to control its growth, so surgery is the only remaining solution.


Prominent ear treatment surgically

Some people feel a state of peace with themselves and their shape and do not want to change it or interfere with it, such as performing Prominent ears or minimizing the ear or other plastic surgeries in general, while others desire this and this will help them in improving their lives when they have full freedom to Choose to do the operation.

There are no specific reasons for operating prominent ear plastic surgery, but the person needs that psychologically, and only if the ear protrudes larger and more than necessary to a degree that completely exceeds the normal limits. In the case of children, doctors always like to place the child's desire to be the highest priority.

The appropriate age for performing this process is after five years when the child begins to be affected by the psychological effects of his ears and his desire to perform the process and get rid of them to get rid of the harassment of his peers and the view of others to him, but some children fear doctors and surgeries and that desire increases his desire to improve his ears, Then the parents have to wait a little while to grow up and get rid of his childish fear of the doctors, and request the operation to be done by himself, so there is no harm in waiting.

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